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standard wardrobe cost

Standard Wardrobe Cost Calculator (NZ) for 2024

The Average Cost of Standard Wardrobe in Auckland (2024)

The average cost of wardrobe cabinetry in Auckland can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the size and layout of your bedroom, the materials you choose, and the complexity of the design.

Custom cabinetry, featuring high-end materials and hardware, can range from $3,000 to $8,000 or more, depending on your specific selections. Stock cabinetry with standard hardware typically falls between $2,000 and $5,000.

Remember, it’s always wise to get multiple quotes from different suppliers before making your final decision. This allows you to compare prices, options, and find the best fit for your needs and budget.

Some factors to consider when budgeting for wardrobe cabinetry in Auckland include:

·  Materials: The cost of cabinetry can vary greatly depending on the materials used. For example, solid wood cabinetry is generally more expensive than laminate or melamine cabinetry.

 · Design: The complexity of the design can also affect the cost of cabinetry. A simple, straightforward design will generally be less expensive than a more complex, custom design.

 · Hardware: Hardware such as handles, runners, and hinges can add a significant cost to the final price of the wardrobe cabinetry.


Ah, the wardrobe. Our sanctuary for sartorial treasures, or perhaps a chaotic abyss of forgotten fashion faux pas. Regardless of its current state, the time may come to revamp this essential storage space. But before you dive headfirst into Pinterest boards and IKEA expeditions, understanding wardrobe costs in New Zealand is crucial.

Cost Factors: A Breakdown of the Benjamins

The price tag on your wardrobe makeover can vary dramatically, influenced by a symphony of factors:
  • Type of Wardrobe: Reach-in closets are generally more budget-friendly than walk-in wonders, with basic built-ins starting around $1,000 and custom designs soaring to $10,000 or more.
  • Materials: Timber takes the crown for sturdiness and style, but expect a heftier price compared to MDF or laminate options.
  • Size and Complexity: More square footage and intricate designs naturally translate to higher costs.
  • Doors and Hardware: Sliding doors save space but can be pricier than hinged alternatives. Soft-close mechanisms and fancy handles add to the bill.
  • Internal Organizers: Drawers, shelves, hanging rods, and shoe racks – the more compartments, the merrier (and pricier).
  • Labour and Installation: Professional expertise comes at a cost, but DIY can be risky, especially for complex designs.

Considerations: Beyond the Bottom Line

While cost is king, remember these crucial considerations for a wardrobe that truly sings: Space and Layout: Measure meticulously! Ensure smooth traffic flow and avoid cramming clothes like sardines. Storage Needs: Tailor your compartments to your clothing types. Long dresses need hanging space, shoes crave cubbies, and scarves love drawers. Aesthetics: Consider your existing décor and desired ambience. Modern sleekness or rustic charm? Choose materials and finishes that complement your style. Lighting: Good lighting is essential for admiring your outfits and avoiding morning wardrobe disasters. Ventilation: Moisture and mildew are fashion’s worst enemies. Ensure proper ventilation to keep your clothes fresh.

Common Mistakes to Avoid: Wardrobe Woes

We’ve all been there – the overly ambitious wardrobe project that ends in tears (and maybe splinters). Here are some common mistakes to dodge: Underestimating Costs: Always factor in hidden costs like materials, hardware, and labour to avoid budget blowouts. Ignoring Space Constraints: Don’t overstuff your wardrobe! Cramped clothes are prone to wrinkles and damage. Neglecting Functionality: Prioritize practicality over aesthetics. A beautiful but unusable wardrobe is just an expensive clothes hamper. DIY Disasters: Unless you’re a carpentry champion, complex designs might be best left to the professionals. Forgetting the Finishing Touches: Lighting, mirrors, and even a comfy chair can elevate your wardrobe experience.

What’s Most Common in the Land of the Long White Cloud?

New Zealanders tend to favor practical and stylish wardrobes that suit our relaxed, nature-loving lifestyle. Built-in wardrobes are popular, often incorporating timber elements for a touch of warmth. Sliding doors are preferred for space-saving, and internal organizers are key for keeping our activewear, outdoor gear, and everyday essentials neatly stored. Remember, your wardrobe is an investment in both your space and your sanity. By understanding the costs, considering your needs, and avoiding common pitfalls, you can create a haven for your clothes that brings joy and organization to your life.

Standard Wardrobe Cost Calculator (2024)

This cost calculator was developed to provide you a quick and easy way to get a rough idea of how much it would cost - but it is based on averages and assuming everything is standard. If you are requiring an accurate quote, we recommend booking an on-site visit and having a team come up and take accurate measurements plus discuss all the differant options available - as a result, provide an accurate quote and design plan. This cost calculator is only for research purposes and should not be used for budgeting or financial purposes.

 Begin by completing the steps below which will help calculate a cost estimate for your standard wardrobe:

Standard dimension: 1800H x 400W X 390D
Choose what color you want your wardrobe cabinetry to be
Choose what color you want your wardrobe cabinetry to be
Normally $150+gst / metre – this calculation would be based on the standard width of 2.5m
Normally $500+gst / metre – this calculation would be based on the standard width of 2.5m
Estimate only based on average size wardobe

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Replacing wardrobe cabinets aren’t too expensive and it’s often a first choice when it comes to giving your bedroom a  little makeover. Replacing wardrobe cabinets are budget friendly and for a basic wardrobe replacement can cost between $1,500 to $3,000. This is all estimated cost as cost depends on size and material you decide on. 

    The most popular material choice for wardrobe cabinetry varies depending on personal preference, budget, and style. However, some of the commonly used materials for wardrobe  cabinetry is MDF (medium-density fibreboard). 

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