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Residential Wardrobes

Functional yet Beautiful

Custom designed and Manufactured Wardrobes

Custom Wardrobes

Designed for your needs

Crafting well-considered interiors from the smallest detail to the greatest vision,
our work defines us as little giants.

Are you tired of rummaging through your wardrobe which creates unnecessary clutter and mess. Do you need storage solutions that fit into how you use the space? The way we use wardrobes and closets has changed and traditional wardrobes often lack this the flexibility to adapt our evolving needs and style.
At Little Giant Interiors we provide custom wardrobe solutions from standard wardrobes, Kitsets, Makeup rooms to elaborate walk-in wardrobes. Our In house design department will work closely with you to create a space that is functional, unique to your lifestyle and design needs. They will also advise you on storage solutions, and organisation systems that are unique to the way you use your wardrobe. 

We work with reputed local brands like Laminex, Melteca, Bestwood, Dezignatek, BLUM, Hefele, for all our custom wardrobes which means that you can be confident about the quality of your wardrobes. All our custom wardrobes are manufactured in Auckland which means that the whole process from design, manufacturing to installation is done in a short span of time.All our wardrobes carry up to 15 years in Guarantees and Warrantees so you can rest assured about the longevity of your wardrobe space.

Wardrobe solutions we provide

All our Wardrobes are Custom Designed and Built according to your needs

Open Shelved Wardrobe rooms

Simple Wall Wardrobes

Walk in Wardrobe with Sliding Doors

Walk-in Wardrobes with custom wardrobes open shelving is a popular choice for clients who have a small room. These wardrobes can be fitted with wardrobe systems for better organisation. While the designs are simple they make wardrobe organisation easy.

This custom wardrobe solution is made of with simple acrylic panels that can be created if you have a narrow room or space in your house. These type of custom wardrobes have some closed wardrobes and a few open shelved wardrobes . 

Your custom walk-in wardrobe can also be a space which is functional and aesthetically pleasing. These types of custom walk-in wardrobes can hidden from the view of your bedroom by installing simple sliding doors. 

Walk in Wardrobes with Mirror Doors

Simple in Built Closets with Sliding doors

Large Wall Fitted Wardrobes

If you have a spare unused bedroom, then you can turn it into a luxurious walk-in wardrobe with designer wardrobe features, Large mirrors, an island for jewelry, display cabinets with glass to showcase your shoes and the list goes on. Our designers will work closely with you to create a space that reflects your aesthetic, are well organised and functional. 

One of our most popular custom wardrobes are simple wardrobes built in the alcove of bedrooms with a sliding door to keep it out of view. They are a big upgrade from traditional wardrobes as they can be fully custom built according to what you need to use it for. Some may prefer a lot more hanging space while others more drawers etc. 

If you require additional storge space, then you may perhaps want a custom built wardrobe for everyday use and additional storage space around the entire ceiling are for things that are not used often. They can include as much or as less of wardrobe systems as you want. 

Wardrobe Systems

Better organisation and Hardware that will last a Life time. 

We work with reputable brands like BLUM and Hafele for all our wardrobe hardware like hinges, wardrobe systems and opening/closing technology. Examples of wardrobe systems are

  • Jewelry, Shoes and Accessory Inserts 
  • Illuminated Wardrobe Rails 
  • Pull out Laundry Baskets
  • Pull out Trouser rails
  • Push open handless doors
  • Wardrobe Lifts and many more
Hinges from BLUM
Sliding Accessory tray from BLUM
Sliding Trouser Rack from Hafele
AVENTOS HK top in wardrobe from BLUM
Pull out Laundry Baskets from Hafele

What we do

A seamless process that includes Design, Manufacturing and Installation



Our in-house design department works closely with clients to understand their scope of work to create 3D drawings and renderings for their project. Our designers also work in an advisory capacity for our clients as they have years of experience in the innovative cabinetry materials available today. 



We manufacture our cabinetry right here in Auckland with short lead times as we only use local suppliers. We use state of the art machinery to manufacture our cabinetry and use German Laser Edge bander for final finishing of all cabinets eliminating the need to manually finish the cabinets. 

Attention to detail


We store the cabinets in our warehouse till it is time for installation as per your request. The actual installation process is managed by a project manager and takes 2 days. Once you have signed off on the installation and are satisfied of the quality then we will consider you project signed off.

6 Reasons

To create your wardrobe with us

1. Trusted Local Suppliers 

We only use local trusted suppliers and brands because we are confident of their quality as well as the long warranties they provide. 

This leads to shorter lead times when we order your materials. In most cases, once you have decided on the materials of your wardrobe, it takes 1 week to order and receive the materials which are ready for manufacturing. 

2. Customisation and Personlisation

We do not produce cookie cut designs  as we realise that every home and family is different with unique tastes and needs. 

Our strength is the level of customisation we provide for our client homes. We work closely with homeowners and their families to design their spaces. We do not see ourselves as a corporate and all our projects are personalised for our clients. 

3. Cutting Edge Machinery 

All our cabinetry is manufactured using completely automatic machines with laser technology. The final finishing of cabinets is done using our German Laser Edge Bander which requires no manual buffing, gluing, painting, or banding of edges. 

This results in perfect and precise finish as no part of manufacturing is done manually. 

4. Installation 

We provide full installation of your wardrobe. The installation process takes 1-2 days with minimal disruption to you. Due to our strict recruitment policy at Little Giants, we only work with the best technicians to install your kitchen. Once installation is complete, your space will be cleaned by professional cleaners.  

5. Project Management 

There will be a project manager for every stage of your project from design up until installation. He will also carry out a quality assurance walk through during the installation process to ensure that our technicians are adhering to our strict quality processes. 

6. In-House Designers 

The great thing about our process is that you only need to use our designers as much as you want to. If you already have a design then we can manufacture that without any real need for our designers. 

Your designer consult with you regarding the functionality of your space,  will help you choose the right materials for your family, create a functional wardrobe space that is suited to your home. Our designers will create 3D drawings as well as renderings so you can see how your kitchen would look like before manufacturing. 

5 Step Process

How We Work With You

Straight forward process from start to end

Contact Us

Contact us by either filling the form on our website or by calling us at 09 837 3450. You can either meet our designer at our showroom or at your home so we can have an initial discussion. We do recommend booking a consultation at your home so we can measure the site as well as get a feel for the space.

Free Estimate and Initial Design

At this stage the designer will take in all the information and develop an estimate to include your wish list and a 3D design to reflect your conversation. This will be sent to you within 1-2 days. Your final proposal and quote are developed once you have decided on your final design and materials.

Finalising your Final Design

If you do decide to go ahead with us then will start finalising your design with our designer. Your designer will help you choose the materials for your cabinetry. 2D designs and 3D renderings are created and your wardrobe space is accurately costed. Once you have chosen your materials, we will provide you with a detailed fixed quote.

Manufacturing Begins

Once we have received your deposit, we will do a final site visit to get accurate measurements of your area. These measurements are design are fed into our automatic machines to manufacture your wardrobe or other cabinetry. We will also liaise with the electricians and plumbers to confirm the correct locations on site. Our machines are fully automatic which means that they require no manual finishing.

Delivery and Installation

All your cabinetry will be delivered by us on the scheduled day. Our installers will then install all cabinetry which will be overseen by the project manager. The actual installation takes between 1-2 days depending on the extent of your project.
Once you are satisfied, your project will be signed off and you will receive all your warranties and guaranties for the project.

Peace of Mind

Guarantees & Warranties

One less thing to worry about

Little Giant Interiors uses the best material available for the manufacture of your kitchen. Little Giant Interiors only uses quality materials backed by its suppliers. We offer two types of warranties as follow:

 1. The first type of warranty is for specific items such as specialized surfaces, accessories and appliances. These warranties are made by the manufacturer of these specialized surfaces, accessories and appliances.

 2. The second type of warranty is for general workmanship and installation. It is a full-satisfaction guarantee to support our commitment to service quality.

PrimePanels Laminates

7 Years

Installation Warranty

5 Years

Bestwood Laminates

5 Years

Blum Hardware

Lifetime Warranty

Melteca Laminates

7 Years

Caesarstone Warranty

10 Years

Hettich Hardware

Lifetime Warranty

Blanco Sinks

Lifetime Warranty

Electrical Workmanship Warranty

12 Months

Laminex Warranty

10 Years

Note: Terms and conditions apply

Client Reviews

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5 reviews on
Steven Ngov
Steven Ngov
We’ve been working together for over 4 years and Little Giant Interiors has been our primary supplier for kitchen cabinetry, and so far, it has been an amazing collaboration, their problem solving skills, time management, and attention to detail has given us and our clients alot of confidence. Looking forward to many more years together! And we’re lucky to have found you 🙂
Yixin Xu
Yixin Xu
They did a quite nice job👍 Ruru such a great designer, we changed design several times, but she was always patient, our kitchen and bathroom vanity looks very beautiful , thank you little gaint!!! Thank you Ruru !!
Leanne Li
Leanne Li
Really good service! Highly recommend!👍🏻
Swati Tiwary
Swati Tiwary
Ruru from Little Giants was very helpful. She was very patient and really guided our clients from design through to installation. Their quality of all cabinetry was fantastic and I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you so much 🙂

Book Consultation

In the comfort of your
own home

The next step is to book a consultation at your home or at our head office. Once you have filled in the form, we will contact you within 1 working day.

What you will receive after the consultation:

1. In-home face to face meeting with our designer to get all your questions answered and receive expert advice.
2. Free Preliminary 3D design of your project

3. Project Estimate along with a detail break-down of specifications

4. Estimate duration/start date for your project