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Retail, Offices & Restaurants

We'll Partner With You To Maximise Your Retail Space & Impress Your Clients.

Small details, big Impressions

Solution-based Approach

“We provide a seamless process for our client right from supply chain, design, production planning and installation by investing in cutting edge machinery, technology and people”

Great cabinetry makes for attractive retail, office and restaurant spaces that is durable as well as hardwearing. There are many cabinet makers in Auckland but not everyone has the systems and processes in place that make for a hassle-free experience. We realise that when renovating a commercial space, our clients are often under pressure to deliver the project within a specific timeframe and have a lot of things to juggle.

 At Little Giant Interiors, we are cabinet specialists that work with commercial clients to design, manufacture and install all cabinetry with a project manager in place to manage each phase of the project. Our designers have an extensive experience designing commercial spaces with a design element specific to the type of commercial project at hand. When working with Little Giant Interiors, you will not have to outsource a designer as we will design your entire space. 

If you already have a designer who has designed your space, then we will work with them to manufacture your cabinetry.

 We provide cost effective cabinetry due to our strong relationships with all major local suppliers in NZ. Working with local suppliers and having a manufacturing factory in Auckland also allows us to have short lead times and your project will be completed in a short period of time. Our cutting-edge machinery is completely automatic where we simply feed in the design of your cabinetry for it to be manufactured. Our Innovative German laser edge bander machine provides a perfect finish for all your cabinetry and does not require any manual work.

This way we can guarantee that all your cabinetry will have a seamless finish each time, everytime.



Our in-house design department works closely with clients to understand their scope of work to create 3D drawings and renderings for their project. Our designers also work in an advisory capacity for our clients as they have years of experience in the innovative cabinetry materials available today. 



We manufacture our cabinetry right here in Auckland with short lead times as we only use local suppliers. We use state of the art machinery to manufacture our cabinetry and use German Laser Edge bander for final finishing of all cabinets eliminating the need to manually finish the cabinets. 

Attention to detail


We store the cabinets in our warehouse till it is time for installation as per your request. The actual installation process is managed by a project manager. Once you have signed off on the installation and are satisfied of the quality then we will consider you project signed off.


Restaurants & Cafes

We provide custom design solutions to suit all types of restaurants and cafes.

Restaurants and Cafes need a creative design element that creates a particular atmosphere unique to that establishment. This sense of atmosphere is important to attract customers, hence it has to be designed by an experienced designer. At Little Giants, we have a dedicated design department with designers that have extensive experience in designing restaurants and cafes across Auckland.

We have a manufacturing factory in Auckland that uses state of the art fully automatic machines that require no manual finishing which results in perfect finishes for all cabinetry. We also work with premium local NZ suppliers with warranties from 5-10 years at least which means that you can be confident about the quality of your cabinets. If you already have an interior designer then we will work alongside them to manufacture your cabinets.

Function + Form

Office & Retail Spaces

Providing solutions that maximises the space

Retail spaces need to be functional and attractive space with great storage. A comfortable environment is important so your customers have a pleasant experience and linger longer at your store. Our design department will work closely with you to design your retail store, which will then be manufactured in Auckland using premium local suppliers and installed by our qualified technicians.

We design, manufacture and install custom desks, reception desks and all cabinetry for offices across Auckland. Our design team will design your office keeping in mind that they have to be durable and easy to maintain. We also guarantee short lead times and perfect finishing because we manufacture right here in Auckland with a project manager that will manage each stage of your project. 

7 Reasons

Why Aucklanders Choose Us

What make us different to the rest

1. Trusted Local Suppliers

We only use local trusted suppliers and brands because we are confident of their quality as well as the long warranties they provide. All our local suppliers come with at least 5-10 years of warranties.

2. Customisation and Personlisation

We work closely will all our clients whether it is a large commercial project or a small retail space providing customised solutions as we realise that each client is different. We do not have a catalogue of designs to choose from but provide unique design solutions for each client. 

3. Cutting Edge Machinery

We put a lot of emphasis on the machinery and technology we use in manufacturing our cabinetry. We use fully automatic machines with a laser edge bander that seamlessly bind the edges of cabinets and cabinet fronts for perfect finishes. Our factory is located right here in Auckland which means 

4. Installation

aOur installers are expert technicians that are overseen by a project manager during the installation process. We have a strict quality assurance process and are upskill our installation technicians on a regular basis. 

5. Project Management

We provide full project management from the beginning of your design phase, during manufacturing phase and till installation phase. We understand that our clients who are creating creating a commercial space have many things to juggle, hence our project management system was created for our clients to have a hassle-free experience. 

6. Short Lead Times

Working with local suppliers means that we do not have to wait too long for the delivery of supplies once your design has been finalised. This leads to shorter time frame for all our projects whether they are large scale commercial spaces or refitting a retail space. Having a factory in Auckland also contributes to shorter delivery times and overall lead of the project. 

7. In-House Designers

We have a dedicated design department that will fully design your retail space, office, or any other commercial space so you do not have to employ another interior designer for your project. Our designers have extensive experience designing commercial spaces and you can draw on their expertise and knowledge about the innovative materials available today. If you already have a designer then no problem, we will work with your designer to build your custom cabinetry. 

7 Step Process

How We Work With You

Straight forward process from start to end

Contact us and set up an account with us

You can either call us at 09 837 3450 to arrange a meeting with us at our showroom/office. This initial discussion is necessary if you are working with us for the first time as we will need to understand whether you are building a new house or if it is for a renovation. Once we understand your scope of work then we can go on to the preliminary design phase.

Preliminary design and Estimate for Project

Our in-house designer will either work with you or with your designer (in case you have a designer of your own) to understand the overall design requirements. At this stage you will also get a preliminary quote for the scope of works. Your final quote will be drawn up once you have decided to go ahead with us and have chosen your materials.

Final Design and Fixed Quote

Once you have decided to go ahead with us, our designers will work with you or your client to develop the final 3D designs and renderings. This is also the stage where you will choose your materials so we can order them in advance. This is when you will get your final fixed quote and once deposit is received, we will go on to the next stage.

Site Measure and Manufacturing

Once demolition has been done, we will do a final site measurement required to begin manufacturing. Manufacturing takes between 1 day – 7 days depending on the scope of your project. Your cabinetry design is fed into our automatic machine to manufacture your project. Your finished cabinetry will be stored in our factory till you are ready for installation.

Delivery and Installation

We will deliver your cabinetry on the day it is scheduled for installation. Once delivered, our installers will start the installation process which will be overseen by a project manager for quality assurance.

Sign off and Handover

Once we have installed the cabinetry, we will then do a walk through with you to see if you are satisfied before we consider your project signed off. You will be given a handover pack with all the documentation for your project as well as all the guarantees and warrantees.

Peace of Mind

Warranties & Guarantees

Protected and Insured

Little Giant Interiors uses the best material available for the manufacture of your kitchen. Little Giant Interiors only uses quality materials backed by its suppliers. We offer two types of warranties as follow:

 1. The first type of warranty is for specific items such as specialized surfaces, accessories and appliances. These warranties are made by the manufacturer of these specialized surfaces, accessories and appliances.

 2. The second type of warranty is for general workmanship and installation. It is a full-satisfaction guarantee to support our commitment to service quality.

Note: Terms and conditions apply

PrimePanels Laminates

7 Years

Installation Warranty

5 Years

Bestwood Laminates

5 Years

Blum Hardware

Lifetime Warranty

Melteca Laminates

7 Years

Caesarstone Warranty

10 Years

Hettich Hardware

Lifetime Warranty

Blanco Sinks

Lifetime Warranty

Electrical Workmanship Warranty

12 Months

Laminex Warranty

10 Years

Client Reviews

What Others Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it!
5 reviews on
Steven Ngov
Steven Ngov
We’ve been working together for over 4 years and Little Giant Interiors has been our primary supplier for kitchen cabinetry, and so far, it has been an amazing collaboration, their problem solving skills, time management, and attention to detail has given us and our clients alot of confidence. Looking forward to many more years together! And we’re lucky to have found you 🙂
Yixin Xu
Yixin Xu
They did a quite nice job👍 Ruru such a great designer, we changed design several times, but she was always patient, our kitchen and bathroom vanity looks very beautiful , thank you little gaint!!! Thank you Ruru !!
Leanne Li
Leanne Li
Really good service! Highly recommend!👍🏻
Swati Tiwary
Swati Tiwary
Ruru from Little Giants was very helpful. She was very patient and really guided our clients from design through to installation. Their quality of all cabinetry was fantastic and I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you so much 🙂

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