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6 Reasons to Choose

Little Giant Interiors

We believe continual innovation is the key to building people
and improving client experience
Reason 1

Our strength lies in the level of customisation that we provide to our clients. We do not believe in one design fits all but that every client has unique needs and their designs reflect that.

Reason 2
In-house Designers

We have a design department with extensive experience in designing kitchens and cabinetry who will work closely with you to create a design unique to you. Their knowledge about innovative materials available today will help you choose materials that are best suited for your space.

Reason 3

Our cutting-edge automatic machinery can manufacture any type of design without any human interference. This means that your cabinetry design is automatically produced by our machines without any additional manual work required. This means that our machines automatically glue scrapping units, trim, buff and can spray paint your cabinets. This ensures that your cabinetry has a perfect finish.

Reason 4

We provide full installation once your kitchen or cabinetry is manufactured. Our strict recruitment system as well as quality assurance process means that we recruit the best to work at Little Giants

Reason 5
Project Management

You will have a project manager to manage all supply deliveries, timelines and will be your only point of contact for the entire process from design to installation.

Reason 6
Short Lead Time

As we work with local suppliers, we can ensure a short lead time. The whole process from design to installation takes from 2-3 weeks unless we are ordering a specialised product requested by you.

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Book Consultation

In the comfort of your
own home

The next step is to book a consultation at your home or at our head office. Once you have filled in the form, we will contact you within 1 working day.

What you will receive after the consultation:

1. In-home face to face meeting with our designer to get all your questions answered and receive expert advice.
2. Free Preliminary 3D design of your project

3. Project Estimate along with a detail break-down of specifications

4. Estimate duration/start date for your project